Monday, January 24, 2011

another random mind

"Let's just stop and think, before I lose face
Surely I can't fall, into a game of chase
Around his little finger, that boy has got me curled
I try to reach out, but he's in his own world
This boy's got my head tied in knots with all his games
I simply want him more because he looks the other way"

yeah, why can't you want me like the others boys do?

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


“.. I know I'll see you again, whether far or soon, but I need you to know that I care, and I miss you.” -Incubus.

i miss every single kiss, hugs, and warm of you. dear 'friend'

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

dear kid

My Plan is to forgive and forget.
Forgive myself for being stupid. and Forget YOU ever existed.

Monday, February 15, 2010

i'm sorry mr. pot head, for mistakes i did :(

i'm sorry i can't grow up . . . yet

i'm sorry i aint be a good girlfriend for you . . . yet

i'm sorry if i'm too childish

i'm sorry if i'm too selfish

i'm sorry if i'm too ignorant to grope your feelin, and your needs

and i'm sorry for blaming you for everything i do

now i'm realize that i mistaken. and i deeply want to repair it.

i do love you. Mr. pot head. and i don't feel any regret and tired to be with you :*)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

tweet tweet tweetooong

eventough at the very first time i can't get the joyed from join in twitter but now, i think i can't get the excitement a bit :p well peopleeeeeeee, please follow me on
i'll be very glad if you all mentions mine on your tweets. cheers xoxoxo -Zsa2
p.s : i had a wonderful holiday with my jhs's and my girls all stories is coming up next post, so sorry can't told ya for now, because i have loads of assignment to do :(

Friday, September 18, 2009

college's life

wells, it's nearly 2 months since i was pass in snmptn's. and now, i'm quite adapted with new college, new routine, and of course new friends :). they're all nice and really made my day endured in bandung :) but the funny fact is : some of them are connected with my friends in jakarta. like : her ex boyfriend is my friend's boyfriend, or my curhat's boyfriend is her old hts-an's. ahhahah sorry for the gado2 language.these fact always make me laugh, and realize that the worlds around me is connected each other. it makes me feels curious what else story will connected mine with others. hahahahahahah

Thursday, August 6, 2009

another happy ending but sad beginning :"(

hoy-aaaa readers
so soooowi for the late (like usual) update

i just want all of you to know that i FINALLY accepted as an undergraduate student of economy at UNIVERSITAS PADJAJARAN bandung in SNMPTN's test !


it was like an electric shock for me at the first time. even i re-checked for a thousand times, i still can't believe that i got it :') you know, i felt unbelievable happy saw the magic word
C O N G R A T U L A T I O N in my account test :")
but, at the same time i felt dissapointed because i failed (again) to entered ITB (since unpad is the second choice, my first choice is SAPPK ITB) - yeah maybe this is the bad side being human. they all never satisfied for what they got, include me - but hellooo . . .
  • i didn't study hard for the test
  • i didn't clever like amal did, for 3 years in high school
  • even my presented absences in school was lame (fyi my absences for a year in senior year is 20 absences zzzzz)
so i warned my self that maybe entered unpad is another chance for me from god, to study more and keep on trying to take snmptn's next year untill i wear that tosca jacket (with ganesha as a logo) :))
thanks to ALLAH who can make me entired PTN. alhamdulillaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
now, i can officially said :
Goodbye high school, welcome COLLEGE !
but the bad thing is, Nia (one of my bestfirend who gave me an 18th birthday surprise) can't entered unpad like i do. because she's also accepted at uns with the same major she gets in unpad zzzzzzzzzzz. her dad and her oldest sister didn't allowed her to it. because they thinks jatinangor is to freedom for her. darn huhuhuhuh i feel bad for her. one of the reason i chose UNPAD as a second choice is because she accepted on it. if i knew the end is like this, i prefer ui as a second choice really (in real i choose ui as the last choices). for the next 2 weeks, i must leave karimah, citra, dhika, and nia as well unyuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. i am really sad to think that i must life without those guys around zzzzzzzz
P.s : i really had a great time with my junior high friends at carita beach (pictures comin up. and yeah i still can't move on from my stupid ex boyfriend but i tried to make it as possible as i could :)